Hinckley AFC Documentary

Hinckley AFC Documentary

Over the coming weeks, Hinckley AFC will become the subject of a documentary thanks to Daniel Fieldhouse from Polygon Video.

Weather permitting, Daniel will be attending Saturday’s ‘Bring A Mate, Increase The Gate’ game against Coventry Copsewood to start the filming, and will be attending a couple of home games, and possibly the Jelson Homes Senior Cup Final, in March and April.

Daniel said that the fan owned aspect of the club made it particularly attractive for his documentary. He said: ‘For a couple of years now I’ve wanted to make football documentaries with an emphasis on fans and their stories.

‘I stumbled across Hinckley while doing some research for a documentary on sporting heritage in Leicestershire, and realised the Hinckley AFC story would make a fantastic subject for a documentary.

‘When I approached the club I found everyone fantastically welcoming and more than happy to help. The community feel and camaraderie of the fans struck me and this is something I hope to highlight in the film, while following the club’s first year under fan ownership through the thoughts of some of its key members.

‘Clubs folding due to mismanagement seems to be an all too common trend these days, and it always seems to be the fans who get hit the hardest. The beauty of Hinckley AFC is that this is the fans taking back what’s always belonged to them and doing it for the love of the game.

‘My hope is, with this documentary we can tell the story of how the passionate fans of Hinckley AFC have risen rom the ashes and breathed new life into the local footballing community.’

Daniel respectfully asks that supporters act naturally, and refrain from waving and pointing at the camera, during filming. If any person does not wish to be on the film, please let Daniel and his colleagues know at Saturday’s game.