AGM round-up

The five nominees for Hinckley AFC’s Board of Directors all joined the Board at last night’s Annual General Meeting.

Gerry Abbott, Dave Gunn, Daren Playle and Bryan White were re-standing, whilst Keith Hookham stood as a new Director before the members.

With no election required due to their being less nominees than vacancies, all automatically joined the Board to take the current number of Directors to nine.

The Board of Directors now constitutes:

  • Gerry Abbott
  • Stewart Dee
  • Dave Gunn
  • Keith Hookham
  • Dave Jackson
  • Mark Langley
  • Daren Playle
  • Scott Sharman
  • Bryan White

The Board will now meet as soon as is practical to elect Officers and assign roles, and elect Co-opts where the Board feel it is required.

Club Director Dave Jackson said: “I welcome all the returning Directors back onto the board to not only finish projects already started by them, but hopefully begin to take the club forward again in little steps.

“I welcome Keith into his new role of Director, as a fan from inception and a lifetime member we all know he is 100% a dedicated club man.”

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