Director Stewart Dee on the move to Barwell

Club director Stewart Dee told Jack Rafferty on BBC Radio Leicester that the opportunity to move to Barwell was one the club didn’t hesitate to take with both hands.

Earlier this week, the club confirmed that next season will be the first where we have played in the Hinckley and Bosworth borough – one step closer to our ultimate goal of being back in the town.

Speaking to BBC Radio Leicester, Stewart said the move to Kirkby Road was an easy decision to make. He said: “Since we were formed in 2014, we’ve always wanted to play where we belong, in Hinckley. This is us getting really close to that.

“Being in the borough for the first time is really exciting for us. We’ve had the opportunity to move closer to Hinckley and we took it with both hands.”

He said the move had to be made at pace, having only found out the opportunity shortly before the FA’s deadline to register grounds for next season.

“People in football talk all the time. We’ve been in conversations with various people and last week we saw the opportunity to make the move.

“We spoke with them before but it wasn’t possible because NKF Burbage were there. When the opportunity came up, we went for it.

“We had to move quickly because the deadline to register where we’re playing, and tenants in their case, is the end of March. We had to sort it quickly to register it with the league.”

“There were lots of phone calls and emails. In some ways it was easier than it might otherwise have been, because of people being on lockdown at home. You know you can get hold of people.”

All told, the move is another step on the ultimate journey of bringing the club back to Hinckley.

And he says there’s lots of hard work going on behind the scenes to ensure that dream becomes a reality.

“We’re talking to various people about different possibilities. We’re continuing to work towards that, because that is the ultimate goal. 

“We’re hoping that now we’re closer than ever to Hinckley, more people will come to watch and get involved. That’ll help us build up our fanbase and membership even more to help with that effort to get back where we belong.”

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