Barwell launch campaign for 3G pitch

Our landlords Barwell have launched a fundraising campaign to turn our shared Kirkby Road home into a community facility with a 3G pitch.

Their target is to raise £50,000 to add to the grants that have already been received, and with support from our local MP and others they want you to be a part of providing something for the area for the future.

The club hope to convert the current grass pitch to a floodlit 3G artificial pitch which will be used by throughout the week by local junior football clubs, community groups, schools and individuals in the area – and say more than 1000 people per week could benefit from it.

They hope that with the right level of support and funding this should all be in place next summer.

The total cost of the project is around £700,000 but with grants, including one from the Football Foundation, Barwell are now trying to raise further funds through local people, past players and others who want to support this project.

Their GoFundMe page is available at

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