Chance to win £250 as lottery SuperDraws return

Four lucky players in the Complete Vehicle Accessories Hinckley Community Lottery will win £250 this Christmas as the SuperDraw returns in December.

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is just around the corner, so we’ll bring some festive cheer via the Complete Vehicle Accessories Hinckley Community Lottery.

Each Saturday in December, one lucky lottery player will win £250 in a random draw, or the main jackpot of more than £2600.

The Lottery is drawn every week with entry costing £1 per line per week, which equates to £4.33 per line per month. The prize fund is 50% of the total proceeds.

If would like to join, you can download our entry form by clicking here and you can also set up a direct debut with the club by clicking here and following the link.

New entrants will also be able to enter the SuperDraw in December. There is a closing date of this Sunday, November 28th, to join to be eligible.

The SuperDraw will not take place if the main jackpot, which stands at more than £2600, is won by a player matching all four balls.

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