*Note to opposition clubs, please forward all fixture correspondence to football secretary Stewart Dee: match.secretary @*

The current Board consists of nine volunteers elected from the membership, who are:

Name Role/Responsibility Email
Bryan White Chairman chairman @
Stewart Dee Club Match Secretary match.secretary @
David Jackson Treasurer & Company Secretary treasurer @
Dave Gunn Football Liaison  
Mark Langley Merchandise and Sales Director mark @
Daren Playle Supporters Group Liaison  
Keith Hookham Lottery keith @
Jason Tipping    
Scott Barnes    


As well as these above primary roles all Directors help facilitate match day requirements, enabling games to go ahead, as well as routine weekly ground and pitch maintenance. The Board do this alongside a hardy bunch of volunteers from the fan base, whom without the club would not function. These include:

Richard Pyatt

Mark Parsons

Mick Hooker

Chris Jiggens

Celia Bailey

Zoe Measom

Liam Gibbs

Gerry Abbott

Scott Sharman

Martin Storey

Dave Hynes

Angela Playle

Pamela Hynes

Robbie Measom

Vernon Bailey

John Timson

Mick Marsden