*Note to opposition clubs, please forward all fixture correspondence to football secretary Robert Weale:*

The current Board consists of eight volunteers elected from the membership, who are:

Name Role/Responsibility Email
Bryan White Chairman chairman @
David Jackson Treasurer & Company Secretary treasurer @
Dave Gunn Football Liaison  
Mark Langley Merchandise and Sales Director mark @
Keith Hookham Lottery keith @
Stewart Dee    
Jason Tipping    
Scott Barnes   scottb @

As well as these above primary roles all Directors help facilitate match day requirements, enabling games to go ahead. The Board do this alongside a hardy bunch of volunteers from the fan base, whom without the club would not function. These include:

Richard Pyatt

Mark Parsons

Mick Hooker

Chris Jiggens

Celia Bailey

Zoe Measom

Liam Gibbs

Robbie Measom

Vernon Bailey