Belford reflects on Heath Hayes draw

New Hinckley AFC manager Dale Belford said he wasn’t too disappointed by yesterday’s home draw with Heath Hayes – as it gave him the chance to learn about his players.
The incoming manager watched on from the dugout as his side took the lead four times, only to be pegged back each time by their stubborn visitors.
He takes official charge for the first time on Tuesday against Aylestone Park and thinks his new side are a work in progress.
“It’s early days and we’re going through a transitional phase. Me and Lavs (Richard Lavery, Belford’s new assistant) were aware of that when we took on the job.
“I’m not too disappointed about today. It was an opportunity to find one or two things out about players, the good and the bad. Sometimes, with a performance and result like this, it shows you some things you don’t learn when you win games convincingly.”
Belford said the game had everything from a fan’s perspective, and thinks his side pose a big threat going forward.
But defensively he said his side have work to do to and was quick to defend debutant ‘keeper Rhys Bills after he stepped in late on.
“Haydn Whitcombe has decided to leave the club but fair play to Dean, who’s worked hard all week to resolve the situation. Rhys came in at the last minute so there’s no way you can throw any of the blame at him – it’s a situation that’s been thrown on him at the last minute.
“It’s a collective thing. Defensively we can improve, there’s no doubt about that after we’ve just conceded four goals at home, but it’s a work in progress and that was clear for everybody to see today.”
He said the blend of experience and youth is encouraging, and praised his older players as well as Chad Timson, the Under 18s winger who made his first league appearance.
“You look at someone like Lavs, and the performance he’s put in today – he’s an absolute warrior. He’s come back to the club because he’s still got that appetite to play.
“He’s been around the game a long time, as has Marcus Jackson. The effort they put in today was incredible, and on the flip side you have young lads coming in from the youth team. Chad, in his first league appearance, looked assured. He worked hard, he’s got a good understanding of the game and that’s credit to Dan Gibson.”
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